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Educating physicians in the science and art of medical acupuncture. HMI sponsors the oldest ongoing medical acupuncture training program in North America. To practice as an acupuncturist or an oriental medicine practitioner, students must pass the licensing examinations conducted by the National Certification. Non-degree courses and certificates are provided throughout the year to individuals who are not seeking a degree. The institution offers certificates and.

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In most states, Medical Doctors practicing acupuncture are only required to complete hours of training, including both theory and practice. These chiropractors saw the need for standardization in Acupuncture Training of Chiropractic Physicians. By bringing the leaders and top educators in. This internationally acclaimed course trains physicians to practice a results-oriented, easy-to-learn style of medical acupuncture. This web-based course.

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Learn in small groups with top educators in the profession. Pursue concentrations in Chinese acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Japanese acupuncture, and. The International Academy of Medical Acupuncture Inc. (IAMA) is an Institute of higher learning dedicated to teaching physicians of all disciplines both the. -Patients, to select a Licensed Acupuncturist in Kansas -Physicians & Healthcare providers, providing AOM information, and Licensed Acupuncture contacts.