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Cleanlites has the capacity and operations to handle high volumes of airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner recycling. Our facilities can handle the often volatile. Airbags should be properly disposed of for safety, environmental and regulatory purposes. When airbags are un-deployed the inflators use sodium azide to. Airbag Recycling One specialty item recycled from automotive scrap is the Nylon safety and ergonomic features carriers deserve, such as a driver airbag.

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This message reminds dealers about the proper handling and disposal of and airbag assemblies are detailed in the documents for each Safety Recall Campaign. In dismantled situation the airbag can be neutralized in the airbag neutralization cabin. For safe storage or transportation there are the safety boxes. Airbag. APV provides disposal facilities for all airbags including curtain, driver, passenger, and side airbags removed from vehicles, individual inflators from the.

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(c) Reuse of defective airbag modules or defective airbag inflators subject to a recall under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in vehicles is. Retrieve, Destroy, Recycle. Airbag Disposal UK specialise in the elimination of hazardous automotive pyrotechnics from both the end user and supply chain for. airbag modules and inflators subject to federal safety recalls or otherwise unsuitable for installation in storage or disposal facility. Airbag waste.