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FOUR MESSAGES EVERY MEDIA TRAINING MANUAL MUST HAVE We cannot force you to buy Media Training A-Z, but make sure, when you are spending tons of hours reading. The media just called you for an interview. This is your chance to reach a much larger audience. Of course, doing it right isn't easy. The critical success factors for your particular media training program;. How to sell the need for training to senior executives and other key stakeholders, and.

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This manual has been prepared as a guide to help every Stratfor analyst establish comfort and poise as an interview subject and broadcast media guest. This media training guide was created as a reference tool for you to use when preparing for interview opportunities and also to help make you more comfortable. Communicating research & expertise to external audiences can lead to: · Visibility for your institution, program and/or initiative · Impacting policy · Shaping.

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We'll get you ready with our newest collection of current media interview tips and media training resources now located on our PR and Social Media Insight. Here are our Top 8 Media Training Tips: · Research – know your interviewer and their media platform · Prepare – know the questions you will face, even if it's. Media training is a professional development program designed to teach business executives, public relations teams and other key members of your organization.