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You can learn biblical Greek at most mid- to large-size theological seminaries. Wherever you live, there is a strong chance that there is a seminary somewhere. I personally feel that spending the time and energy to learn Koine (Biblical) Greek is well worth the time and effort that it takes to do so. Learning Greek has. These Summary Lectures are also available at www.vov-chr.ru, along with other free resources for learning biblical Greek. [The first lecture was originally.

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Learn the grammar and syntax of New Testament Greek. Easy to understand Biblical Greek Grammar and Syntax for readers of English. Learning or should I say trying to learn Koine Greek in a 10 week crash course as my first class at seminary was not overly successful. I have never been able. Discover Sing and Learn New Testament Greek as it's meant to be heard, narrated by Kenneth Berding. Free trial available!

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Historically, exegesis is the level of knowledge of New Testament Greek you would acquire from a seminary. However, today many seminaries don't even teach this. Buy Learn to Read New Testament Greek (3rd Edition) by David Alan Black in Hardback format at Koorong (). Learn Biblical Greek online at your own pace in this college-level course taught by scholar and author William Learn to read the New Testament in Greek.